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Service Dogs
Disqualifications for Service Dog Work
Service Dogs
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Disqualifying Factors
Any of these reasons can disqualify a dog from service dog work.  These are factors you will want to rule out innitially through extensive testing before you make a choice about a particular dog.
Sound Sensitivity
Skin Problems
Hip or Knee Problems
Thyroid Imbalance
Other Disqualifications
Inappropriate Barking
Inappropriate Elimination
Excessive Mouthiness
Critter Chasing (cats, rabbits, or squirrels)

Christy Hill discusses this with good examples in her article on self-trained dogs.  However, the same criteria and considerations apply to any HelperDog candidate.  As an informed consumer, you can avoid many common mistakes by reading about other's experiences.  Check out Christy Hill's advice on dog selection at:

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Education and Support for People and Service Dogs