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Service Dogs
Health Care
Service Dogs
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Getting Ready for a Service Dog
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Health Care
You are responsible for taking care of your dog. 
Health care includes:
Routine Procedures and Maintainance
  • Annual
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • One Time
Preparedness and being informed are the key issues here.  Knowing where to go for information quickly, when you need it can save your animal's life.  Develop a plan, write it down, collect necessary addresses, phone numbers, equipment and supplies.  Keep the list where you can get to it quickly.
First Aid
An Emergency Plan
Disaster Preparedness

Here are websites with information on these subjects:

This is a mandatory exercise for anyone with a dog.  If you already have a dog, and have not taken these precautions, DO THIS NOW.  If you are getting ready for a dog, it is very important to participate in this exercise before you bring the dog into your life.  Parts of the exercise, such as knowing your dog's normal temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and heart rate at rest you will need to have a dog present to complete.  Other parts, such as creating instructions for emergencies with the contact information for your veterinarian and another person who knows and can handle your dog, should be done by the time you get the dog.

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Education and Support for People and Service Dogs