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Probably our worst enemy in the plant world for dogs is the Foxtail.  This is a grass-like weed which perpetuates itself by attaching seeds to whatever passes by.  When these seeds attach to our dogs' coat, get snuffled up their noses, get into their ears, or stuck between their toes, if immediate action is not taken, many times, a sick animal and/or a large vet bill ensues.  Be on constant guard if you are in an area where Foxtails grow and are in season!  Examine these areas of your dog often.  Once a Foxtail contacts a dog's skin or mucus membrane, it burrows in, can cause infection, and most often, must be surgically removed.  STAY AWAY from FOXTAILS if possible!  Be able to recognize them and always be watchful. 
This website has good photographs of Foxtails:
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