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The Papillon Club of America has a nice Emergency Travel Notification Form on their website (perhaps with some modifications). 
The intent of the Emergency Travel Notification Form is to keep a copy filled out and attached to your dog's crate (along with additional possible copies in purse, glove compartment, etc.) and also a current photo of your dog with information written on the back such as size, age, weight, breed, name, etc. 
The page on the Travel Form is at:
The individual URLs for the form in either PDF or Word formats are at:
Here is the content of the form:
(Place this page in your automobile, RV, or whatever vehicle you may be driving or on your person when you are traveling with your dogs.)
In the event that I am incapacitated and unable to make my wishes known regarding my dog(s), please honor the following requests:
The welfare of my dog(s) is my primary consideration.
Contact as soon as possible:   ___________________
      Day Telephone Number:   _______________________
Night Telephone Number: _______________________
      Cell Telephone Number:  ________________________
If they cannot be reached,
Please Contact:  ___________________________
      Day Telephone Number:     _____________________
      Night Telephone Number: ______________________
      Cell Telephone Number:  _______________________
All expenses for the dog(s) will be guaranteed by these contact people.
If my dog(s) is not injured, they are to be cared for by the nearest reputable boarding kennel, and be kept in the best possible manner until arrangements can be made to get them home.
If my dog(s) is injured, they are to be cared for by the nearest
reputable veterinarian.  I prefer that my veterinarian be contacted regarding decisions on my dog(s) care and treatment.  They have all of my dog(s) medical records available.
Contact my veterinarian: _______________________
      Day Telephone Number: ________________________
      Night Telephone Number: _______________________
      Emergency Telephone Number: ___________________
If my dog(s) is injured beyond all hope of recovery, my dog(s) is to be humanely euthanized.  Photographs and descriptions of my dog(s) are  attached, as are their health and vaccination records.  For identification purposes, my dogs are either tattooed on their ________________ with a tattoo number or are micro-chipped and can be identified by a reputable veterinarian.
I want to emphasize that the welfare of my dog(s) is my primary consideration.
Name: ____________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________State: _____________ Zip:
Day Telephone Number:
Work Telephone Number:
Spouse/Significant Other:

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